About Katarina Jesna

Katarina Jesna is a professional photographer, who works in photography field her entire adult life. As a graduate of the two Universities she has exceptional abilities for wedding photography - thanks to photography studies (at FAMU, Prague) she handles well technical and also the creative side of photography, her journalistic diploma (UK, Bratislava) and experience brings interesting elements of photojournalism to her work, as well as fresh ideas and originality. Thanks to her experience as a radio host she developed another exceptional skill - the ability of easy and pleasant communication - what is extremely important, especially in wedding photography. For several years she worked as a wedding photographer in Vancouver, after returning to Europe she continued to work as a photographer - for many major companies and institutions, as well as photographing weddings. Sofar she photographed more than 80 weddings.

She presented her work at many solo and group exhibitions in Europe, she also won several photography awards. Katarina leads photography workshops specialized in portrait and wedding photography. She is a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of Slovakia. She currently lives and works in Bratislava.